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Nicolas de Staël

Lettres 1926-1955
[Letters 1926-1955]

Nicolas de Staël

720 pages

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This book, the correspondence of Nicolas de Staël, makes available for the first time, to the wider public, all the letters of the painter that have been discovered hitherto. Taken together, they constitute a resource which bears comparison with the Letters of Van Gogh or the Journal of Delacroix. A portion of these letters have been available since 1968, when they were included in the first Catalogue raisonné devoted to the work of de Staël. What André Chastel wrote at the time – “the public has yet to discover the copiousness and the exceptional interest of this correspondence which in effect [...] delivers the autobiography of the painter, the life as it was veritably lived through time, in all its pride and power, in a way that no posterior account could ever hope to reproduce”– is even truer of this new edition, which includes nearly 200 unpublished letters.


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Julius Margolin

Voyage au pays des Ze-Ka

[Journey to the Land of the Ze-Ka]

Julius Margolin

784 pages

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A New Edition, Revised and Augmented by Luba Jurgenson in accordance with the Original Russian Manuscript. Now published in its entirety and under its original title, for the first time in the world, Journey to the Land of the Ze-Ka is one of the most overwhelming witness-accounts ever penned about the Gulag. This staggering account of five years spent in the Soviet camps is in no way inferior to its more famous successors, Soljenitsyne or Chalamov, either in its literary quality, or in its intelligence.


An article by Benjamin Ivry in The Jewish Daily Forward.

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Jean Rounault

Mon ami Vassia [Vassia my Friend]

Jean Rounault

480 pages


One of the earliest overwhelming witness-accounts ever penned about the soviets labor camps. Rainer Biemel (1910-1987), born in the German minority of Romania, Rilke's and Thomas Mann's translator, was arrested by the NKVD in january 1945 and deported at Makeevka camp in Ukraine (Donbass, Donetz) – like Herta Müller's mother (see the novel Everything I possess I carry with me, 2009).  Biemel related his experience in 1947 as Jean Rounault, in memory of the Russians friends he met there.


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Paulette Choné

Renard-Pèlerin [Pilgrim Fox]
Memoirs of Jacques Callot Written by Himself

Paulette Chone

                256 pages

These are fictitious memoirs of the famous french engraver Jacques Callot who worked in France and Italy, notably for the florentine court, during the early seventeenth century. The book is organized in chronological short sequences (1596-1634), beautifully written. A pleasant introduction to the works of this celebrated artist. Paulette Choné teaches art history at the Bourgogne University in Dijon.


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